Social initiatives

Step by step towards a better world. At PTC, we are committed to society. We aim to reach beyond borders by contributing to several initiatives.

Niños de Guatemala

25 June 2014

Since 2010, we’ve been involved in the project Niños de Guatemala (NDG). NDG was founded in 2006 and its objective is to offer the children of Guatemala a better future through education. NDG initiates and supports small-scale education projects, while working together with the local community as much as possible. PTC contributes to NDG’s initiatives by financing their Health Program. The Health Program offers: tooth brushes and toot...

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Alpe d'Huzes

20 June 2014

PTC has been sponsoring the Alpe d'HuZes initiative for a couple of years already. Alpe d'HuZes is an event in which participants, individually or in teams, collect money for the battle against cancer. Under the motto ‘Giving up is not an option,’ participants cycle up the legendary Alpe d’Huez - sometimes even up to 6 times in one day! The funds collected from sponsors are donated to projects that benefit patients suffering from canc...

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Ambitious talents

16 June 2014

We are committed to supporting young, enthusiastic and talented people in their ambitions. That’s why we sponsor Milan van Baal, a young hockey talent who plays for HC Den Bosch. Among other events, Milan also took part in last December's (2013) Hero Hockey Junior World Cup in Delhi, India, where the Netherlands reached third place after Germany and France.

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